red wine for diabetics

Red wine: Your antidote to diabetes

After establishing itself as a heart-friendly drink, read wine is now once again ready to be there on your dining table; this time as an antidote to diabetes.

Obviously, good news for millions of people, constantly bearing blows of this debilitating disease. Credit to shovel out this fact goes to new study showing that chemical called, resveratrol—found in the skins of red grapes and in red wine – significantly improves the sensitivity of mice to insulin. Moreover, it (resveratrol) was found activating the SIRT1 enzyme – known for increasing longevity, DNA repair, and insulin secretion.

These findings nurture a hope for diabetes-afflicted people, by confirming that in near future red wine might play a significant role in fighting diabetes, which currently is supposed to be engulfing around 170 million people worldwide.

Quick diabetes facts:

• Diabetes causes about 5% of all deaths globally each year.

• Diabetes deaths are likely to increase by more than 50% in the next 10 years without urgent action.

• Most people with diabetes in low and middle-income countries are middle-aged (45-64), not elderly (65+).

So, this time it would be interesting to see red wine proving its metal, this time in a new form – diabetes killer!

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