Child Playing in Dirt

Kids playing in dirt less prone to diabetes

Let your kids play in mud or soil, it may no doubt, turn their clothes dirty but it would at least prevent them from developing diabetes. A new research by the health experts that examined about 2.5 million people in Oxford between 1985 and 2004 is the foundation of this conclusion.

Interestingly, this study has attributed this much of increase in diabetic children to a more hygienic and cleaner living environment. Rectifying this association, researcher professor Polly Bingley of Bristol University asserted:

It could be a result of people being exposed to fewer infections because of changes in hygiene.

This finding sounds somewhat strange. Still, redolence of some truth is there.

If we look few years back then we instinctively come across old memories when kids’ participation in outdoor activities was much than presently it is.

This very factor somewhere seems to be rectifying this association.

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