Early hair loss may signal diabetes risk in men

Early hair loss may signal diabetes risk in men

When I was 19, I started to notice a little bit of hair loss. I’ll admit it, I freaked. Fortunately, the trend didn’t continue, and several years later the state of my pate is still good. What I didn’t realize at the time, and what I didn’t realize until I recently came across a study from the Institute of Endocrinology in Prague, is that young men with thinning hair are at a greater risk of diabetes.

After analyzing the blood of several men, the researchers discovered that men who began losing their hair before the age of 30 were more likely to be insulin resistant — increasing their risk of diabetes. The results of the study also suggested that as hair growth hormone decreased, insulin resistance increased.

So, if you happen to be a guy under the age of 30, and you’re waking up on a pillow that looks more like a shedding cat slept on it than a human, then you may want to have a fasting blood glucose test done. Levels above 100 milligrams per deciliter signal trouble.

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