Diabetes can't be ignored!

Diabetes can’t be ignored!

Diabetes contains high blood sugar levels which resist in blood due to the presence of low insulin leading, to severe complications like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, amputations, dental diseases etc.

Blood sugar level can be of two types:

Hypoglycemia: It consist low level of blood sugar with symptoms like fatigue, confusion, irritability and unconsciousness.

Hyperglycemia: It consist high level of blood sugar with long term problems relating to eyes, kidneys and nerves.

Type1 diabetes is more dangerous as no insulin is produced by pancreas.Type2 diabetes also called non-insulin dependent diabetes develop when cells become insulin resistant.

Treatment for Diabetes:

  1. Type1 diabetes can be treated by providing insulin using syringe, insulin pen, jet injectors and pumps.
  2. Type2 diabetes to be treated using diet and exercise plans, insulin and oral medication.

A patient should consult a treatment plan with doctor in regard to diabetes type.

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